Design Studio


In addition to our furniture collections online, we have a range of services to help you create a contemporary home with style. 

Furniture Sizing Consultancy 

Under this package, we’ll come to your home for 30mins to one hour to measure up your space and recommend the sizes for your furniture needs. 

Our fee is AED 500 within Dubai.

Other Emirates subject for quotation, please reach out to our team accordingly.

To pay for the consultancy , we will send you a payment link directly to your email. 

Bespoke Furniture Design and Fabrication 

If you’re looking for a completely bespoke design and are not 100% sure what you're looking for, we offer a design and build package to bring your piece to life. 

Once we’ve reviewed your brief and images (it’s important here to be as detailed as possible), we will contact you to discuss the feasibility and to understand your approx budget for the piece. Once we have assessed the piece and the budget, we’ll ask for a deposit before start designing your dream piece in CAD and 3D. 

Our design deposit is AED 1,000 per piece, which is then taken from the final price of the project. 

To pay for the design deposit, we will send you a payment link directly to your email.  


Interior Design, Furniture Consultancy and Fabrication. 

If you’re looking for a more holistic approach to the interior design of your space, we offer full design packages too. Pricing is based on the nature of each project. 

Trade Programs 

Are you a designer, contractor or end client and looking at our pieces for your commercial project? Please contact us here to discuss our range of attractive trade programs available.